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Darge Brazil Tour 2010

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Darge Brazil Tour 2010

28/04 (Qua) – Florianopolis / Plataforma/ SC

29/04 (Qui) – Porto Alegre / Entre Bar / RS

30/04 (Sex) – Aguas Lindas / Parque da Barragem / GO

02/05 (Dom) – Goiania / Capim Pub / GO

05/05 (Qua) – São Paulo (CCPC) / SP

06/05 (Qui) – Vista Alegre do Alto / Clube VAA/ SP

07/05 (Sex) – Indaiatuba / Plebe Bar / SP

08/05 (Sáb) – São Paulo / Hangar 110 / SP

09/05 (Dom) – Sao Caetano do Sul / Cidadão do Mundo / ABC

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New arrival!!! from Cactus Records (Malaysia)

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Archagatus/Karena Neko split CD [1000円]

Archagatus continue blasting after their last split with unholy grave. This time more heavier grindcore with 6 person inside.They are from the Canada. While karena neko is Malaysia grindcore trio comparable to band like phobia, denak, rot, and old school grindcore sound. Their recording quality superb. And this band getting stronger than before. The front cover done by yusth attack, and also a drummer of kerena neko. 8 pages booklet cover with full color cover. archagatus : / karena neko :

Fall to their Death “Chains in transmission” CD [1000円]

The journey of soulful hardhitting brutal music. They are coming from sentul, Kuala Lumpur and FTTD is very much influence by the band like ISIS, pelican and the like. 4 songs in more than 30 minutes. The dark soundscape and great sound quality making this more pleasant listening. Come with a interactive live video that you can watch from the computer. No regret!

Kias Fansuri “2 tahun pertama” CD [1000円]

Contains 10 track of the collection in 2 years dancing diy hardcore punk scene. Atypical songwriting and thoughful allusion lyrics. Suitable for fans of Tristan Tzara, Utarid and Indian Summer. Come with digipack pakcaging. RM

Straight answer discography CD [1000円]

straight answer is an old skool hardcore band from jakarta, indonesia. this cd collects all their songs from 1996 to 2007. also included a cover from the oppressed and traffic light. 19 tracks all together.i’ve been listening to straight answer since 2002 or so. i loved the tunes and especially the messages to my freakin black bones! the tape that i got also included a live interview with Aca, the vocalist and his answers inspired me.I was busy with assignments the day they played in KL. I thought I won’t go to the show, but after thinking twice I said to myself…”are u silly or what? missing straight answer in KL?” Eventhough I already watched them at JB, I thought KL show would offer something different.  co-releasing their discography, playing along with them at johore bahru, witnessing them live, singing-along to their songs are like dreams come true! hantam prasangka buruk now!

Vitamin X “Pissed off: the collection” CD [1500円]


CRIMESCENE Demo tape [500円]

8 songs demo tape. A mixing up of powerviolence and stoner rock tunes. The band ended up 6 hours in the studio and manage to recorded more than 10 songs. But we decide to put only 8 songs inside this demo. During the recording process, they are 30 % unconscious/spontaneous and 70% ready with the sound arrangement that been planned. The lyrics deal with the moral control rules by the system. And of course we sing about everyday tired fucking life. With the fact that they are a stoner and not a loner, Crimescene cant play the music without getting drunk.

HELLSAKURA – New video!!!

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HellSakura new video! check out!!!

Directed by Robert Maxwell
Album “Sakura Fubuki” 2009
Label: Karasu Killer
Recorded in Shibuya – Tokyo
May 2009

Totally recorded in Tokyo during the "Hellsakura Japan Tour 2009", the
clip shows Cherry using a surgical mask and circulating on the streets of
Shibuya, the central meeting point of the young culture of the Japanese
capital.  The mask is widely used in Japan, a country obsessed by
cleanliness and terrified of contact with "strange germs".
In the clip, the singer is a ninja punk who by means of her instrument
- the guitar - tries to combat them. The clip is directed by Roberto
Maxwell, journalist and author of documentaries and fiction movies.

HELLSAKURA cd's, t-shirts and stickers still available at

Sakura Mania, a trio from São Paulo, HELLSAKURA with Cherry (guitars and
vocals of extinct band Okotô and drummer of  the  band Hats), releases new
songs, with  influence of bands such as Motörhead, Ramones, AC/DC, L7. The
new material sounds like an engine without a muffler, a starving stomach,
a spiritual hell, a loud distortion screamed at the world, a Sakura storm!
With Napalm on bass and Pitchu on drums, prepare yourselves for
destruction! Big cheers!

HellSakura - Interview brazilian Tv
videos -

Karasu Grinder – Portal Rock Press (Brasil)


“Ele tem N bandas, um selo, escreve pra revista mais importante de rock do Japão, agita shows e ainda faz umas fotos cabulozas!”

 Acompanhe agora um pouco da saga do guerreiro punk brasileiro e entenda o porquê se tornou uma grande referência do underground do outro lado do mundo.” Por Márcio Sno

Clique aqui e veja a entrevista na íntegra!

“Um dia volto para o Brasil”

2008 intensidade

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Antes pensava que o  japao  seria um país sem diversão nenhuma, mas eu estava muito enganado.                                                         Imagino que será difícil resumir tudo o que foi 2008, um ano  intenso e caótico, todo esforço que tivemos fomos recompensados nesse ano. sempre  muito bem acompanhado por amigos verdadeiros, que somente na cena hardcore você pode encontrar, amigos que estão sempre lá para nos dar uma força, e não deixar você desanimar.  Esse 2008 ja ficou para a história! para nós! 

Somente a crise no final do ano que assolou  a economia mundial que  atingiu todos os dekaseguis, lamento pelos amigos que tiveram que deixar esse país, mas sonho ainda poder encontrar todos novamente.

Obrigado a todos os amigos de verdade que continuam a luta por aqui, vocês fazem valer a pena .                                             

Clique aqui e veja todos os flyers 

2008.01.13 (sat) Nomares @ Move Up Front / Mosh Cafe – imaike Huck Finn Nagoya

2008.02.02 (sat) Nomares @ Choice is Yours#9 – Gifu Bravo – Kakamigahara

2008.03.08 (sat) Nomares @ Grind Freaks Vol29 imaike Huck Finn Nagoya

2008.04.05 (sat) Darge @ Punk Rock Mission Vol.1 – Live House Style – Ichinomiya

2008.04.19 (sat) Darge @ Art: Death Disco Too Drunk, too fuck!!! – Day Trip- Nagoya

2008.03.22 (sat) N.E.K. @ Battletorn>Japan Tour2008- Huck Finn – Nagoya

2008.04.27 (sat) N.E.K. @ “THUNDER FUCK vol.8” – HUCK FINN – Nagoya

2008.05.04 (sat) N.E.K.@ Akutare Drive Tour 2008  -Tiny7 – Nagoya

2008.05.10 (sat) Darge @ ULTRA S.E.X– Gifu51 – Gifu City

2008.05.24 (sat) N.E.K. @ For Ugly, For Beautiful 36 –  Club Upset – Nagoya

2008.06.14 (sat) N.E.K. @ Thrash For Nothing vol.5 – DAY TRIP – Nagoya

2008.06.28 (sat) Darge @ KILL THE LOOP vol.5 心躍 vol.2Huck Finn – Nagoya

2008.07.05 (sat) N.E.K. @ Deny the Report 5 CD Release Party – High –Tokyo

2008.07.13 (sun)Darge @ Grind Freaks Vol.31 – Huck Finn Nagoya

2008.07.19 (sat) N.E.K. @ Limp Wrist Japan Tour 2008 @ Sonset Strip Nagoya

2008.08.23 (sat) N.E.K. @ Music Action Series Vol.66 –  Day Trip – Nagoya

2008.09.13 (sat) N.E.K. @ DEEP CONNECT vol.38 – imaike HUCK FINN – Nagoya

2008.09.14 (sun)Darge @ The Despised Japan Tour 2008 -CLUB UPSET – Nagoya

2008.09.21 (sun)N.E.K. @ “LOCAL HITS GiG” “Local Hits Gig” TINY 7 Nagoya

2008.09.27  (sat)Darge @ Shake Your Hip vol.1 at Gifu BRAVO – Kakamigahara

2008.10.04 (sat) Darge @ 衝動響命Gig Vol..2 – Subway Bar – Yokkaichi Mie

2008.10.09 (Thu)Darge @ All Day Hell vol.5 – Gifu51 Gifu City

2008.10.18(sat) N.E.K. @ -KILL THE LOOP vol.6- Huck Finn名古屋Nagoya

2008.10.25(sat) Darge @ Punk Rock Mission 3 – Ichinomiya Ricks – ICHINOMIYA

2008.11.08 (sat)N.E.K. @ After These Terror Boogie!! Vol.5 @ HUCK FINN – Nagoya

2008.11.16 (sun)Darge @ Gimmick one Night @ King Biscuit – Gifu City

2008.11.23 (sun) Darge @ Tomorrow Belongs to us Vol.8 – Day Trip – Nagoya

2008.12.14 (sun) N.E.K. @ Grind Freaks vol.32 – imaike Huck Finn – Nagoya

2008.12.19 (fri) Darge @ LEBENDEN TOTEN-JAPAN TOUR’08-Huck Finn- Nagoya

2008.12.27 (sat) Darge – U.L.T.R.A. Sex – Gifu51 – Gifu City

Clique aqui e veja todos os flyers 

Karasu Grinder – Alternativa#195 (Japão)


Rafael Karasu – Alternativa#195 (Japão)

O músico e produtor Rafael Karasu é conhecido por tocar vários projetos ao mesmo tempo. O Nomares, banda de Punk que se extinguiu, lançou o primeiro CD “oficial”, com materiais de seus dois anos e meio de história. O N.E.K. começou suas atividades em 2008 e, já em julho, lançou seu primeiro EP, N.E.K. Niños En Kombate. O cara está fazendo, também, um som “punk metal bastardo” com o Darge, que mistura letras em português e japonês. Com tudo isso, ainda arruma tempo de escrever sobre a cena punk brasileira para a revista japonesa DOLL, além de manter o selo Karasu Killer. Para 2009, o N.E.K. pretende lançar um split cd com a banda Ada+Max, sob o sugestivo título de Arroz, Feijão e Misoshiru. Com o Darge ele promete investir em um CD coletivo com três bandas e um compacto 7 que sairá na Europa. Pelo visto será outro ano de muito trabalho.

Sem grana , na raça,  com humildade, sem talento mas com perseverança!   sou sincero no que faço , nao sou cópia de ninguem!  quando falo  tento fazer da melhor maneira possível.