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HELLSAKURA – New video!!!

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HellSakura new video! check out!!!

Directed by Robert Maxwell
Album “Sakura Fubuki” 2009
Label: Karasu Killer
Recorded in Shibuya – Tokyo
May 2009

Totally recorded in Tokyo during the "Hellsakura Japan Tour 2009", the
clip shows Cherry using a surgical mask and circulating on the streets of
Shibuya, the central meeting point of the young culture of the Japanese
capital.  The mask is widely used in Japan, a country obsessed by
cleanliness and terrified of contact with "strange germs".
In the clip, the singer is a ninja punk who by means of her instrument
- the guitar - tries to combat them. The clip is directed by Roberto
Maxwell, journalist and author of documentaries and fiction movies.

HELLSAKURA cd's, t-shirts and stickers still available at

Sakura Mania, a trio from São Paulo, HELLSAKURA with Cherry (guitars and
vocals of extinct band Okotô and drummer of  the  band Hats), releases new
songs, with  influence of bands such as Motörhead, Ramones, AC/DC, L7. The
new material sounds like an engine without a muffler, a starving stomach,
a spiritual hell, a loud distortion screamed at the world, a Sakura storm!
With Napalm on bass and Pitchu on drums, prepare yourselves for
destruction! Big cheers!

HellSakura - Interview brazilian Tv
videos -

HELLSAKURA – Programa Agenda + (IPCTV – Globo Internacional)

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from Brasil 地獄桜 HELLSAKURA – 桜吹雪 Japan Tour 2009

Tempestade Punk  Sakura pelo Japão! 

Para todos envolvidos de alguma forma nessa tour, muito obrigado.

Aos  comparsas Yamagami, Murochin, JuliFae e Mauricio, aos japas que organizaram as gigs, Renata (Bus Hardore), Roberto Maxwell, Revista Alternativa, IPC, Doll Mag, Disk Union e o pessoal que compareceu brasileiros e japoneses que pela correria da semana mesmo assim marcaram presença!

Acho que qualquer um envolvido na cena underground  sabe como é difícil organizar uma tour, principalmente nesse país chamado Japão!

 Karasu Killer was very happy with the visit of HELLSAKURA to Japan,
everything went well on tour, the shows were great, Thanks to everyone who
has helped us out (((you know who you are))) and you for supporting D.I.Y
Punk in Japan and Brazil.
If you want to see the Exclusive Video of the band, please click here

thanx to Roberto Maxwell

from Brasil – HELLSAKURA  -Fubuki Sakura Japan Tour 2009  Photos

Karasu Killer


地獄桜 HELLSAKURA ~ 桜吹雪 Sakura Fubuki Japan Tour 2009 ~

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I would like to invite you , my friends from Japan , for HELLSAKURA ~
Sakura Fubuki Japan Tour 2009 ~ very special guest Yamagami (C.O.P. / Gas)

See you there!
yoroshiku onegai shimasu!

from Brazil

地獄桜 HELLSAKURA ~ 桜吹雪  Sakura Fubuki Japan Tour 2009 ~

Flyer front – best viewed

Flyer back- best viewed

Tour dates
05.02 (Sat) Tokyo – Shinjuku – Nine Spices
05.06 (Wed) Mie – Yokkaichi – Club Chaos
05.07 (Thu) Gifu – 51
05.08 (Fri) Nagoya – imaike – Huck Finn
05.09 (Sat) Tokyo – Koenji – 20000V

from Brasil
地獄桜 HELLSAKURA 桜吹雪 Japan Tour 2009

5/2(Sat)@ Tokyo・Shinjuku・NINE SPICES
“HELLSAKURA from Brasil JAPAN TOUR First day in Tokyo”

w/ DARGE(岐阜), ENCROACHED, えんだぶあyenduba (京浜)
PEST(浦和), 解剖室 kaibou shitsu, UG MAN

open 17:30 / start 18:00  Adv ¥1,700+D / Day ¥2,000+D

Info:  090-3519-4982 /  03-3205-14399

5/6 (Wed) Mie • Yokkaichi • CLUB CHAOS
w/ ACROSTIX,  VERTICAL, Silver Lunch Truck

open 18:30 / start 19:00  /  Day ¥2,000+D

Info: 0593-54-9011 

5/7 (Thu) Gifu City• GIFU51

open 19:00 / start 19:30 /  Day ¥1,500

Info: 090-7680-0079

5/8 (Fri) Nagoya・Imaike • HUCK FINN
桜吹雪 gig
w/ N.E.K., UG RAMONE, and more.

open 18:30 / start 19:00  / Adv ¥2.000 / Day ¥2,300

Info: 052-241-0667 / 052-733-8347
5/9 (Sat) Tokyo・Koenji・ 20000V
KAMISORI MANIA vol.6 〜HELLSAKURA Japan tour final〜
Plastic Nine, VIVISICK

open 18:00 / start 18:30  Adv ¥2,000+D / Day ¥2,300+D


03-3316-6969 (日本語連絡先) (Info. Português)