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N.E.K. “Gerações Condenadas” (次代の宣告) LP

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N.E.K. “Geracoes Condenadas – 次代の宣告” LP (TCR-039 / KARASU666)
Price: 2,000yen
TOO CIRCLE RECORDS released 1st EP( Already sold out) and split w/D.F.C. EP past time.
This band happend member change and include bassist called Ozarin(Flash Gordon)
And Main songwriter Mauricio decide to leave in Japan. Before He leave in Japan, they
started recording total 22 songs! There are some song include already released
but almost is new ones! these songs are harder than already recorded.
And I feel near style of DEATH METAL~GRIND CORE to THRASH~CROSSOVER style. May be this record re-born called NAPALM DEATH SCUM?
Excellent jacket design is drummer of Naito, Distrubuted in
Japan by TOO CIRCLE and Brasil by KARASU KILLER( Owner is singer Rafael), and Ultraviolence Records

N.E.K. “Geracoes Condenadas – 次代の宣告 ” LP (TCR-039 / KARASU666)
販売希望価格 2,000円(予定)
当レーベルからも1st EP(完売済み)、split EP w/D.F.C.とリリースしている
名古屋のN.E.K.が新ベーシストとしてex- FLASH GORDON etcのオザリンを迎え
1st EP,split EPからの再録も数曲ありますが、基本的にはこのメンバーで作られた
よりDEATH METAL~GRIND COREに近接した凝縮したサウンドに変貌を遂げております。
正に現代に蘇ったNAPALM DEATH SCUMか?と云う衝撃の問題作、いや大傑作だと

N.E.K. “Geracoes Condenadas – 次代の宣告” LP (TCR-039 / KARASU666)
Preço: 2,000yen
A TOO CIRCLE RECORDS já lançou o primeiro EP (já esgotado) do N.E.K. e o split com D.F.C. Houve uma mudança na formação da banda com a entrada do baixista Ozarin (Flash Gordon) e a saída do guitarrista Maurício, principal compositor da banda, que decidiu deixar o Japão, mas antes disso a banda gravou um total de 22 faixas. Algumas dessas canções já foram lançadas, mas a maior parte é inédita. São músicas mais pesadas do que as já lançadas e eu vejo uma sonoridade mais próxima do death metal/grindcore do que do thrash/crossover. Quem sabe esse disco seja uma nova encarnação do SCUM, do Napalm Death? A arte excelente ficou a cargo do baterista Naito. Distribuido no Japão pela TOO CIRCLE RECORDS e no Brasil pela Karasu Killer (cujo dono é o vocalista Rafael) e Ultraviolence Records

New arrival!!! from Cactus Records (Malaysia)

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Archagatus/Karena Neko split CD [1000円]

Archagatus continue blasting after their last split with unholy grave. This time more heavier grindcore with 6 person inside.They are from the Canada. While karena neko is Malaysia grindcore trio comparable to band like phobia, denak, rot, and old school grindcore sound. Their recording quality superb. And this band getting stronger than before. The front cover done by yusth attack, and also a drummer of kerena neko. 8 pages booklet cover with full color cover. archagatus : / karena neko :

Fall to their Death “Chains in transmission” CD [1000円]

The journey of soulful hardhitting brutal music. They are coming from sentul, Kuala Lumpur and FTTD is very much influence by the band like ISIS, pelican and the like. 4 songs in more than 30 minutes. The dark soundscape and great sound quality making this more pleasant listening. Come with a interactive live video that you can watch from the computer. No regret!

Kias Fansuri “2 tahun pertama” CD [1000円]

Contains 10 track of the collection in 2 years dancing diy hardcore punk scene. Atypical songwriting and thoughful allusion lyrics. Suitable for fans of Tristan Tzara, Utarid and Indian Summer. Come with digipack pakcaging. RM

Straight answer discography CD [1000円]

straight answer is an old skool hardcore band from jakarta, indonesia. this cd collects all their songs from 1996 to 2007. also included a cover from the oppressed and traffic light. 19 tracks all together.i’ve been listening to straight answer since 2002 or so. i loved the tunes and especially the messages to my freakin black bones! the tape that i got also included a live interview with Aca, the vocalist and his answers inspired me.I was busy with assignments the day they played in KL. I thought I won’t go to the show, but after thinking twice I said to myself…”are u silly or what? missing straight answer in KL?” Eventhough I already watched them at JB, I thought KL show would offer something different.  co-releasing their discography, playing along with them at johore bahru, witnessing them live, singing-along to their songs are like dreams come true! hantam prasangka buruk now!

Vitamin X “Pissed off: the collection” CD [1500円]


CRIMESCENE Demo tape [500円]

8 songs demo tape. A mixing up of powerviolence and stoner rock tunes. The band ended up 6 hours in the studio and manage to recorded more than 10 songs. But we decide to put only 8 songs inside this demo. During the recording process, they are 30 % unconscious/spontaneous and 70% ready with the sound arrangement that been planned. The lyrics deal with the moral control rules by the system. And of course we sing about everyday tired fucking life. With the fact that they are a stoner and not a loner, Crimescene cant play the music without getting drunk.

Darge ‘Desespero’ CD (MCR Company) Japan / Europe 1.050円

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以前、ARIZEを率いて活動し、SDS無き後の岐阜ハードコアパンク・シーンを索引せんとする活発な活動を続けていたOZE氏が、ARIZE解散後、すぐに始動させた新鋭バンド。岐阜ハードコアパンク不死身の狼煙となる1st MCD! SDSの洗礼を全身に浴びた鋭利に切り刻むメタリックな刻みギターを最大の武器に、しかし、より一層ダイナミックなドライブ感、疾走感の強調された爆裂メタリカル・クラスティーHCは、現代の日本に蘇るSACRILEGEまたはENGLISH DOGSの怒れる亡霊か!? さらに、新たにベーシストにN.E.K./KARASU KILLER RECORDSのRAFAELが加入、自ら母国語であるポルトガル語でリードボーカルを努める曲等も盛り込み、彼等持ち前のROCK感も存分に発揮され、独特な混沌とした世界をも創り上げ、一言で「CRUST系」等という単純な言葉だけでは表しきれない奥の深さを見せ付ける渾身のハードコアパンク作品である! 全5曲入り!

This is a new band formed by OZE, ex-member of ARIZE(R.I.P.) who is the most active person in Gifu-city hardcore punk scene after the SDS got defunct. This MCD is the immortal flame of Gifu-city hardcore punk! With the SDS influenced sharp edged metalish guitar, dynamic drive, this thrashy blast of metalish crusty core can maybe figured as Japanese version of SACRILEGE or ENGLISH DOGS? Featuring new member RAFAEL from N.E.K./KARASU KILLER RECORDS as a bassist and also some also on portuguese, this totally rocks, original, deep hardcore punk with might and main! Total 5 tracks!







2009/12/12 19:00 BREAK A ROCK&RADIO BEAT in GIFU at GIFU51